About us

We started HDRGB to fulfill our burning desire to modernize our favourite vintage video-game consoles. Our beginning started from a simple problem: how can we display our childhood consoles on a modern television when most of these systems came packaged with the composite (yellow/red/white analog) cables or even worse RF connectors. We quickly realized that there was no easy solution as most modern TV sets do not have these old inputs. Even if modern TVs had these old inputs, the colour quality and resolution would make the system look worse than it did back then on a regular tube CRT television. So we took things into our own hands and started modifying these game systems ourselves. The secret to making our old consoles output great video on these new TVs is to extract the RGB signal out, and we have various ways of achieving that in each particular console.

We take pride in modifying existing consoles to output in the best possible image quality. We do various modifications for Nintendo, Sega and even NEC consoles, as well as repair common problems in retro consoles. Our goal is to share the best quality picture with fans of these wonderful systems so they can be enjoyed for years to come. Please check out our website, instagram, facebook, and eBay store. And please send us a message if you have interest in one of our consoles or want us to mod your very own console.


Adam Koralik reviews our RGB modification of Nintendo 64

HDMI modified NES done by yours truly

Adam Koralik talks about our HDMI modified Gamecube

Sega Dreamcast internal VGA modification