Nintendo 64 HD RGB, Region-Free, and Blue-LED Modded w/ Scart, HDMI, Upscaler.

Nintendo 64 HD RGB, Region-Free, and Blue-LED Modded w/ Scart, HDMI, Upscaler.

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Nintendo 64 BLUE LED RGB Modified High-Quality Custom Chip-Amplified Console

  • N64 Console: Modified NUS-CPU-04 board. RGB amplified with a THS7314DR
  • Carefully installed using high quality parts and an efficient design. Tested and Secured.
  • High-quality cables wrapped with heat shrink and color-coded for easy identification.
  • Loose pressure on the soldering points means less chances of snapping or breaking.
  • This modification is non-destructive  meaning you can still use your standard A/V cables.
  • Region Free- Plays NTSU-U/C/J American and Japanese Games.


  1. Nintendo 64 Amp Installed Console. Region Free. Plays all U.S/Japanese Games. Fully functional/cleaned/tested.
  2. Scart RGB video and audio cable (when combined with the scart-to-hdmi upscaler the system will display 720/1080p signal in 16:9 aspect ratio resolution).
  3. Custom BLUE LED light (replacing the original red light).
  4. Scart-to-HDMI 720/1080p upscaler. Power supply included.
  5. Brand New HDMI Cable.
  6. Official Jumper Pack.
  7. Official Power Supply- U.S Plug. Works in the U.S.A/Canada. 
  8. 6 Foot Controller Extension Cable: Great length to accommodate larger screens.
  9. Official Grey Controller- Used and in good condition. Fairly tight analog stick with minor wobble, fully functional. Regular blemishes. See photos. Tested/Plays normally.
  10. Brand new THS7314 RGB amplifier installed, secured and tightened safety to the console.

This unique bundle completely provides everything you need to hook-up your Nintendo 64 to a modern LCD/LED/Plasma television in stunning 720/1080p RGB signal. The scart takes the RGB signal from the system, goes into the upscaler and outputs in HDMI to your TV. No need to guess which scart cable or which upscaler to buy. Everything here is bundled complete and ready-to-go. This is a rare bundle that I have not seen on eBay. If there is anything unclear or you are unfamiliar with scart, rgb or upscalers please consult a google search for information or feel free to contact me.
Please check the photos for the individual item quality and judge them for yourselves.
I have cleaned the console and tested it with a RGB upscaler in 1080p on my LCD TV so it is guaranteed to work!