Sega Dreamcast HD 480p VGA/Audio Modified Rev. 1 Console w/ New C2032 Battery

Sega Dreamcast HD 480p VGA/Audio Modified Rev. 1 Console w/ New C2032 Battery

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Sega Dreamcast Upgraded Console. Modified with VGA, Switch and Audio Output Bundle w/ HD 480p RGB VGA Cable

  • Sega Dreamcast Revision 1 Console in very good working condition. Cosmetically it is good with very light scratches and blemishes. Please see photos. 
  • New C2032 System Battery Installed in a brand new vertical slot for easy replacement. No more constantly having to set the time on your Dreamcast during reboots! 
  • Modified VGA Output- Uses any VGA cable. No need for a VGA box! (hooks to a computer monitor/TV with VGA) 
  • Modified 3.5mm Audio Output (can be hooked with computer/external speakers for added sound/treble/bass) 
  • VGA Switch (toggles VGA on/off)
  • VGA 480p RGB Cable. Ready to go. 
  • The best version of the system. Natively plays back-ups. 
  • OEM Controller- Good condition. Very minor discolouration/scratches.
  • Power Cable 

This modded Dreamcast gives the best native picture possible. The VGA cable provides RGB signal natively from the system. This was never utilized in North America as the console came bundled with the under-performing analog composite cable. What you'll get here is a beautifully crisp image which will make the system look better than it did the day of it's release. In short, games look fantastic with vibrant colours in high definition when used with a computer monitor, TV with VGA, or an upscaler which can even output in 720/1080p (not included). 

Please check the photos for the individual item quality and judge them for yourselves! 
I have cleaned the console and tested it with a computer monitor in 480p so it is guaranteed to work!