Super Nintendo SNES Famicom SFC Region free console w/ HD Scart RGB 1080p Cable

Super Nintendo SNES Famicom SFC Region free console w/ HD Scart RGB 1080p Cable

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Super Famicom SNES Region Free Console. Cartridge slot was carefully, meticiously and professionally modified to play NTSC-U North American SNES games. Controller, Power Supply, RGB Scart Cable (for upscalers), 1 game: Batman Returns. These systems are modified in very small quantities. Limited Availability. 


  1. Good condition console with regular blemishes/scratches/chips/marks. Top colour is good while bottom is entirely browned/yellowed. Please check photos to judge the item yourself.
  2. Plays both Super Nintendo SNES and Super Famicom SFC games. SNES games fit snug while SFC games have a little wiggle room.
  3. NTSC-U/C/J Compatible meaning it works in the U.S/Canada as well as Japan. Not intended for PAL. 
  4. Brand new Euro Scart RGB Cable (Not JP21) for HD compatible upscalers. Outputs in component/HDMI. You can use any upscaler you like (Not included. Available here on eBay)  
  5. OEM Controller. Buttons and D-Pad are good and fully functional. Cosmetically it has regular noticeable usage with some blemishes. Slightly dirty/back yellowing.
  6. OEM Power Supply. Works in North America. NTSC-U/C/J compatible.
  7. As a bonus, 2 japanese games for you start enjoying your Super Famicom experience

Custom Work and Features:

  • Super Famicom Console from Japan (SNES). Region Free. 
  • The cart slot was carefully modified and smoothed to fit SNES cartridges. They fit very snug with little to no-movement and play flawlessly. 
  • Plays both Super Famicom/Super Nintendo. Please check the photos for details. Please make sure not to wiggle the SFC games since they are more loose than SNES. Runs perfectly.
  • The Scart cable pulls out true RGB colours natively from the system. Stereo Sound. HD Picture. 
  • The last photo is my own stock images intended to show how the SNES games fit. All of my modified consoles fit the games perfectly and play flawlessly.

I have cleaned the console and tested it with a RGB upscaler in 1080p on my LCD TV so it is guaranteed to work!

Please keep in mind you will need a SCART to HDMI/Component Upscaler which you will either already own or have to purchase separately. The SCART cable connects from the system to the upscaler, then outputs with a HDMI cable to your TV in 720p/1080p. If you are unfamiliar with what SCART or RGB upscalers are please consult a search engine and research before you purchase. Can be used with any scart-to-hdmi/component upscaler which accepts a euro scart cable. Contact me for any clarifications or information.