NEC PC Engine Core Grafx RGB Modded Console w/ 1080p Scart. Japanese Turbografx.

NEC PC Engine Core Grafx RGB Modded Console w/ 1080p Scart. Japanese Turbografx.

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NEC PC Engine Core Grafx RGB Modded High-Quality Custom Console. Aka the Turbografx-16. OEM and plays Japanese Hucards.

  • NEC PC Engine Core Grafx. RGB modified with DIN-8 jack connector installed.
  • Carefully installed using high quality parts and an efficient design. Tested and Secured.
  • High-quality cables running on the board and color-coded for easy identification.
  • Loose pressure on the soldering points means less chances of snapping or breaking.
  • DIN8 circular jack connector installed to accommodate the scart cable.


-NEC PC Engine Core Grafx. Plays Japanese import hucards. Overall good condition. Regular blemishes. See photos to judge accordingly please.
-Official Controller- Used and in good condition with regular usage. Overall good condition buttons+D-pad. Regular blemishes. Fully functional. Tested/Plays normally.
-Euro pin-out Scart RGB video and audio cable (when combined with a scart-to-hdmi upscaler the system will display 720/1080p signal in 16:9 aspect ratio resolution (not included)
-OEM Power Supply- U.S Plug. Works in the U.S.A/Canada.  
-Brand new DIN8 circular jack connector.
-One Hucard game.

Please check the photos for the individual item quality and judge them for yourselves!
I have cleaned the console and tested it with a RGB upscaler in 1080p on my LCD TV so it is guaranteed to work!

Please keep in mind you will need a SCART to HDMI/Component Upscaler which you already own or have to purchase separately. The SCART cable connects from the system to the upscaler then outputs in HDMI to your TV in true RGB signal. If you are unfamiliar with what SCART or RGB upscalers are please consult a google search and research online to inform yourself before you bid. I cannot speak on individual units such as the xRGB mini or other alternatives so please choose the one you are most comfortable with. I am happy to answer any questions so feel free to contact me.