John Feng

The very first game experience was when my parents brought home a Super Nintendo when I was 5 years old, and instantly I was hooked. Video games have always been a cherished part of my childhood and recently I have renewed my love for these old video games through this business. Using the technical skills I've learned from a PhD education in Physics, Patrick and I are providing others around the world the capability to play their favorite childhood game through their modern TVs in full colour and high definition ;).


Patrick Sobanski

My love of video games began way back in 1992, when I opened a Sega Genesis for Christmas. At the time, I already knew what Nintendo was, but Genesis was the first console I got for myself, so I loved it dearly. The first game I ever got was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and beaten the numerous times. As a kid, I had very little money to buy games so I was limited to playing and replaying the few games I had owned. One day my neighbor introduced to the wonders of Super Nintendo and I was blown away. I am truly Sega and Nintendo, but at the end of the day I loved both. Fast forward to today, I try to play some of my childhood games on modern TVs and it looks terrible! Then I discovered RGB modification, which enhances the color output of these old consoles and displays them better than they've ever looked. Now I never play any retro console without modifying it for RGB output. If it's not RGB, whats the point?