Mail-in modification service terms of service

please read our faq section first.

Mail in your console for modification is available to Canadian, American and some international countries using Canada Post, USPS and EMS post office parcel. Local drop-off available in the GTA.

  1. Confirm your equipment is fully functional and meets modification requirement (see individual console for details)

  2. Postal office mail-in shipping service is paid by the customer and return shipping is paid by us

All prices are in CDN and do not include the cost of shipping. Do not send anything without contacting us

All work is done in toronto, ontario, canada. Service must be scheduled. Inquire by e-mail.

services offered


nINTENDO 64 rGB Amplifier mod

Nintendo 64 RGB video amplifier mod [$90 CAD]

  • RGB modify your N64 console with a signal amplifier

  • only for consoles within the s/n range: NS100-NS168XXXX, NS601-NS604XXXX, NUJ101-NUJ134

  • If your s/n is newer (or you have a funtastic model) please choose the ‘TW N64RGB’ mod below.

  • Recommended: Add $10 optional: physically modify the cartridge slot to play NTSC-Japan region games.

  • Recommended: Add $10 optional: replace the LED to any color you want: blue, green, orange or purple UV.

Nintendo 64 TW N64RGB w/ De-Blur Switch [$285 CAD]

  • this is an advanced board that is compatible with any n64 model or variant.

  • de-blur feature: toggle switch installed on the side. slightly cleans up the pixels.

  • best for colour variants such as the funtastic, toys r’ us and pikachu edition models.

  • bonus: choose a replacement power led colour: green, blue, uv violet, orange.

Nintendo 64 / SNES scart rgb cable // Scart rgb To HDMI Upscaler [$20 // 70 CAD]

  • known as the Euro-pin scart RGB cable (not to be confused with jp21).

  • Works natively with all snes model 1 units and rgb modified N64 and SNES Jr.

  • Scart>HDMI upscaler converts bright RGB scart to HDMI for use with modern TV’s.

  • This converter works with any RGB capable retro console. Includes HDMI cable.


SEGA saturn region switch mod

Sega Saturn region free mod [$130 CAD]

  • Modify Saturn to play all region games via 3-way toggle switch

  • Fully compatible with all NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J and PAL saturn releases.

  • $10 optional addition: replace the power LED to a different colour.

sega saturn scart rgb cable // Scart rgb To HDMI Upscaler [$20 // 70 CAD]

  • known as the Euro-pin scart RGB cable (not to be confused with jp21).

  • Allows for the best possible native RGB signal. No modification required.

  • Scart>HDMI upscaler converts bright RGB scart to HDMI for use with modern TV’s.


NINTENDO Gamecube Mods

hdmi ultimate signal [$350 CAD]

  • professionally soldered hdmi port for modern t.v connections

  • non-destructive! no loss in original output connection

  • best possible gamecube picture outputs 480i/p

  • GUi menu can be accessed via controller input

xeno mod direct-boot [$140 CAD]

  • direct-read mini dvd

  • xeno direct-boot fully compatible with ntsc-u/c-/j & PAL

region-free toggle switch with dual colour led [$80 CAD]

  • navigate through both north american and japanese bios’ with the flick of a switch

  • Full compatibility with north american NTSC-U/C and japanese NTSC-J games

  • rear toggle switch and dual coloured region led


SEGA Dreamcast MODs

Sega Dreamcast VGA and Audio jack mod [$120 CAD]

  • Install VGA port and toggle switch for best picture in native 720x480p.

  • Install 3.5 mm audio jack to play sound from external speakers and really hear the game.

  • +$40 add a VGA > HDMI usb powered converter. Hooks up to a modern TV’s HDMI port.

region free bios. Plays all dreamcast releases [$180 CAD]

  • Plays ALL region games.

  • Custom Dev. kit boot screen replacing the original one.

  • Fully compatible with all North American, Japanese and PAL releases

GDEMU optical clone drive & custom 3D printed holder [$330 CAD]

  • We remove the physical GD-ROM drive and replace it with a GDEMU board which allows games to run from a SD card.

  • 3D printed GDEMU tray. Made to order. Protects the GDEMU from bending or coming off. Snug fit and nice aesthetic.

  • SD card. GDEMU software and games are stored on the SD card. Games boot directly and faster than normal.