Mod Service

We can provide the same modification we do to the consoles we sell. Just contact us to let us know what kind of mod you need done on your console. The prices below does not include the cost of shipping your console to us.

*Note that most RGB mods require a Scart cable and a Scart-to-HDMI converter, which is not included with the cost of the mod and must be purchases separately.

2017-01-18 10.03.55.jpg

Nintendo 64 RGB mod and region free cartridge slots [$80 CAD]

  • RGB modify your N64 console with a signal amplifier
  • Physically modify the cartridge slot to play games from any region
  • Replace the LED to any color you want

*** We can only mod your N64 if it is an old model. Check the serial number on the bottom of your console. 

2017-03-21 18.09.23.jpg

Sega Dreamcast VGA and Audio jack mod [$120 CAD]

  • Install VGA port to output the best picture for the Sega Dreamcast
  • Install 3.5 mm audio jack to play sound from external speaker
  • Toggle switch to toggle between regular AV output and VGA output
  • Replace the LED to any color you want


2016-12-29 13.35.31.jpg

Sega Saturn region free mod [$100 CAD]

  • Modify Saturn to play all region games via toggle switch
  • 50/60Hz switch to match region specific TV input
  • Replace the LED to any color you want
2017-03-26 18.21.58.jpg


  • Install HDMI port at the back of the console

Gamecube Region free mod [$80 CAD]

  • Region toggle switch that changes from Japanese to North American. Also changes the color of the LED. Color choices are Red/Green or Red/Blue

GC modchip installation [$80 CAD]

  • Install a GC modchip that allows the console to play burnt backup games

HDMI + REGION free + GC modchip [$350 CAD]


PC Engine or Turbografx rgb mod [$80 CAD]

  • Modify the console for RGB output via 8-pin DIN port
  • Requires a PC engine scart cable output video signal with RGB

Controller repair: Gamecube, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and others
[$10-30 CAD]

  • replace analog stick and analog caps
  • fix or replace sticky buttons
  • clean and polish controller internally and externally
  • replace controller buttons and shells with custom parts

* Can only be done locally, no online orders. Please see our store location or contact us.