Mail-In Modification Service or local drop-off

  • Mail-in service is available to Canadian and American addresses and accepted using Canada Post and the USPS.

  • We can accept one or more consoles to modify for any of the services offered below (for non-listed services, please inquire).

  • Local drop-off and pick-ups are available to customers in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • All prices listed at in CDN currency and do not include the cost of shipping.

*RGB mods require a scart cable and HDMI upscaler/converter, which is not included with the cost of the mod and must be purchases separately.

2017-01-18 10.03.55.jpg

Nintendo 64 RGB mod [$100 CAD]

  • RGB modify your N64 console with a signal amplifier

  • $10 optional addition: physically modify the cartridge slot to play games from any region

  • $10 optional addition: replace the LED to any color you want: blue, green, orange or purple UV.

*** We can only mod your N64 if it is an old model. Check the serial number on the bottom of your console.

Nintendo 64 N64RGB w/ De-Blur Switch [$285 CAD]

  • Converts the N64’s modified RGB signal to HDMI for use with a modern television screen in HD.

  • This converter works with any RGB capable retro console.

Nintendo 64/SNES scart rgb cable // Scart rgb To HDMI Upscaler [$20 // 70 CAD]

  • Euro-pin scart RGB cable.

  • Works with modified N64, modified SNES Jr. and unmodified SNES model 1 consoles.

  • Scart to HDMI upscaler converts bright RGB signal via scart to HDMI signal for use with modern TV’s. Includes HDMI cable.

2017-03-21 18.09.23.jpg

region free bios. Plays all dreamcast releases [$160 CAD]

  • Plays ALL region games.

  • Custom Dev kit boot screen

  • Fully compatible with all North American, Japanese and PAL releases

Sega Dreamcast VGA and Audio jack mod [$120 CAD]

  • Install VGA port and toggle switch to output the best picture possible picture in native 720x480p.

  • Install 3.5 mm audio jack to play sound from external speakers.

  • +$40 add a VGA > HDMI usb powered converter. Hooks up to a modern TV’s HDMI port.

GDEMU optical clone drive & custom 3D printed holder [$350 CAD]

  • We remove the physical GD-ROM drive and replace it with a GDEMU board which allows games to run from a SD card.

  • 3D printed GDEMU tray. Made to order in any colour. Protects the GDEMU from bending or coming off. Snug fit and nice aesthetic.

  • SD card. GDEMU software and games are stored on the SD card. Games boot directly off of the SD card much faster than normal.

2016-12-29 13.35.31.jpg

Sega Saturn region free mod [$130 CAD]

  • Modify Saturn to play all region games via toggle switch

  • Fully compatible with all NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J and PAL releases.

  • $10 optional addition: replace the power LED to a different colour.

sega saturn scart rgb cable [$20 CAD]

  • Allows for the best possible native RGB signal. No modification required.

2017-03-26 18.21.58.jpg


  • Install HDMI port at the back of the console. Uses any standard HDMI cable and plugs directly into a modern TV.

Gamecube Region free mod [$90 CAD]

  • Region toggle switch that changes from Japanese to North American. Also changes the color of the LED. Color choices are Red/Green or Red/Blue

GC modchip installation [$120 CAD]

  • Install a GC modchip that allows the console to play burnt backup games (that you own).

  • Beneficial if you own a Gameboy Player and lost the boot disc. Allows you to burn your own.

HDMI + REGION free + GC modchip [$400 CAD]

  • The ultimate gamer’s mod. Includes all above mods at a discounted price.


PC Engine or Turbografx rgb mod [$120 CAD]

  • Modify the console for RGB output via 8-pin DIN port

  • Requires a PC engine scart cable output video signal with RGB


Controller repair: Gamecube, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and others
[$10-30 CAD]

  • replace analog stick and analog caps

  • fix or replace sticky buttons

  • clean and polish controller internally and externally

  • replace controller buttons and shells with custom parts

* Can only be done locally, no online orders. Please see our store location or contact us.